Monday, June 28, 2010

A Quick Suggestion


   If you're a creationist and you wish to convince me that there is a god and he created everything, then please don't embarrass yourself by saying that you believe there is more scientific evidence to back up god than there is for the big bang. Such a stupid statement is only a setup for failure. First off, science is not what you "believe." Science is a process of theory, discovery, and repeatable results. You can't simply say "well, it's obvious that god exists, and therefore it's science."  If science worked that way, we would still believe the world was flat.

   Second of all, when the hell did I say I "believe" in the big bang? Why do I have to believe something?? We don't know what happened, no one knows. And for the love of.. well, something higher, stop saying the Bible is your proof! It is not proof! It's a book like any other! For all we know, maybe there is a god, and maybe he had nothing to do with the Bible. Maybe there is a god and he used the big bang. Or maybe there is no god and all we see around us is a result of something much greater than the idea of god.

   The fact is, we don't know. No one knows for sure. Nobody. Not you, not your priest, not your bishop, elders, or your idols on the television. What I do know is that science is a logical approach to discovering our origins. Science doesn't base itself on burning bushes, superstitions of evil number combinations, or drawn out epics of good versus evil. Science is complex, and yet easier to understand than the ludicrous notions of the Bible; a book that contradicts itself plenty enough.

   So please, prove me your god and your Bible with "science" all you want, but if this science is non-repeatable, it is not truly science. And please, before you start telling me that you don't need to prove your god because of faith, please realize that I am reacting to what your people are telling me. So tell your fellow followers to be mindful of their words, there's enough creationists in the world already making things more difficult for you. My suggestion for Christians? Stop trying to explain science if you base your science on the Bible. Remember the bit about the house being built on sand and not rock? Yeah? That's what you're doing. Stop it, you're making yourself look foolish and setting a bad example for other Christians.

   That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Very good. I just got done watching a video by a creationist who is convinced that the craters on the moon were caused by water from Noah's flood spewing out from under the ground and colliding with it. Of course, "God told him so."

Also, I think this picture is relevant: