Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can "God" Create Himself?

Taken from one of my status updates on Facebook where I asked the question "Can "God" create himself?" This is a reply to my friend and fellow free-thinker.

I'm usually countered with some comment about "Well what was before the big bang?" As if that's some sort of "HA!" moment of clarity. I just want a damn answer to my question, not more questions. Religion has caused enough unanswered questions in my life, I don't need even more exceedingly difficult questions. :P

Of course, my answer concerning the big bang is the idea that, if the big bang is the accepted theory, that it was likely an event related to an infinite number of similar events in an infinite history. Consider our universe an infinite fractal, everything is a part of everything which makes up everything. The big bang was perhaps the result of an ever expanded universe before this one. Or perhaps it's the M theory. In any case, I find that far more believable than some deity that likes to create enormous scenarios for his own enjoyment.

Can god create himself? It's like taking the "can god create a rock so large he couldn't move it" question and amplifying it by a million. Hardly regarded and largely ignored, this question really is the end all for Judeo-Christian-Muslim religion. Press the question to a believer and you won't find a single answer worthy of the question itself. Eventually it will come down to them spouting on about faith. Push further and the defensive posture will move to attack, providing the ever amusing "you're blaspheming god! I'll pray for you! I hope you see the light!" As if having a multitude of unanswered questions will somehow result in a holy experience, saving my everlasting soul from eternal damnation by the angry kid in the heavens.

But we know better. Thanks to creationists, we have been told time and time again (in regards to evolution) that "you can't have something from nothing!" Quite right, and this is why I can't have faith in nothing.